Sunday, December 4, 2011

All I Want for Christmas Wine Gifts Under $30

There is no better time to share the gift of giving and the love of all things wine like the holidays. While many of you will break the bank buying gifts for fellow wine lovers and others, here are some really great gifts to make anyone ready for Mo Wine.

  • Wine Sampler SetTasting Room. The only way to get this sampler under for $19.99 is to grab advantage from Groupon when these deals come through. It is the perfect way to expose your friend to new varieties they might not have tried on their own. Your recipient will receive 6 (50ml) bottles of some purple drink along with a cheat sheet of information on each wine and a place for tasting notes. If you revisit them and rate your wines, you get a $20 off your next purchase. Mo Wine to that!

  • Wine Chill Drops - Sky Bar Home has the answers to all of the impatient white wine drinkers that cannot wait to chill the bottle because they want it now. These handy little wands can chill a single glass of wine 20 times faster than refrigerating the bottle. They come 2 in a package for $39.99. Mo Wine to that!

  • Metrokane Wine Bar - Found on Amazon for $19.95. This is so cool that I want to put this on my wish list. This is perfect for anyone with spacing issues like we have in our New York apartments. It is 2.1 x 12.1 x 1.5 inches and 2lbs. How can this be wrong? The Metrokane comes equipped with foil cutter, velvet pocket corkscrew and a Champagne stopper.

  • Wine Cellar Sandwich Trays - These are perfect for cheese and crackers to go with any wine party. Each tray cost $9.99 so go nuts if you want to. No breaking the bank here. You can find them at Amazing Savings or on Amazon.
  • Wine Soiree Aerator - Wine Soiree is another must have for my impatient wine enthusiast. This is a top choice among many red wine drinkers that need their wine right now. I received this as a gift from Andrew Lozorchak during the 2011 Wine Blogger Conference. Good looking out Andrew. Wine Soiree retails for $25.00. It is very durable and dishwasher friendly.

This concludes my gift list for this year. May your glass stay full with Mo Wine!

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