Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bubbly Bottle Poppin

My Grandmother had this saying, "Whatever puts fizz in your soda." That means whatever you like. If you are one of the many that think that certain Champagnes taste like vomit, perhaps Champagne is not for you. It does not mean that you have to give up on the bubbly all together. Many people say that they do not like Champagne but might find favor with various other sparkling wines. Sparkling wines are made from a blend of still wines that mixed with Carbon Dioxide. Sparkling wines vary in every way from color, sweetness and consistency. So here is the low down. for some of the sparkling wines and their levels of sweetness. All in hopes that you get your fizz right.

  • Gloria Ferrer's Va de Vi Ultra Cuvee is a wonderful alternative sparkling wine. Whenever you see the word Cuvee on the bottle, this means that the majority of the only the first 80 litre of juice extracted from them press. This is the wine when you want to wear your freakum dress on and hit the town. Made from a spirited blend of 89% Pinot Noir, 8% Chardonnay and 3% Muscat, it gets the party popping for about $22. This is a luscious wine full of peaches, berries and creamy soft hints of vanilla. Shout out to Thirsty Girl, who introduced me to this little diddy.
Va de Vi translates to "all about the wine" in Spain so why not bring in the New Year with that saying in mind. After all, it is the same thing as Mo Wine!.
  • Jalliance Clairette de Di is another favorite of mine but only if you like your wines on the sweeter side. This wine reminds me of peach pop rocks and I think it is divine.I have been told that it is too sweet but it is about personal preference. However, if you are feeling daring, you can find this around $18.99.
Let's  move on the the drier side of the spectrum and talk about another fan favorite, Prosecco. Unfortunately, I do not have a favorite Prosecco but this is an Italian sparkling wine that can be used in lieu of the yeast laden Champagne in this world. During the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival, I did taste Valdora Prosecco which was very crisp and full of bubbles. Once again, another wine with pear nuances with some citrus but not as overpowering and sugary sweet as the two mentioned above.Some of the Prosecco can be more fizzy than sparkling but it all goes down the same way. I like to mix my Prosecco with St. Germain and Pear nectar. Try it, you might like it.

In good faith, I cannot close out this post without mentioning Barefoot Bubbles. I feel in love with this sparkling wine at the New York Food and Wine Expo and I definitely will be popping bottles with this one going into the new year and you definitely cannot beat the price point. I found this bottle for about $10.99 in Queens, NY and guess what? I love it! Easy on the taste buds, easy on the pocket and therefore, Wining!

I hope that the new year brings you new opportunities in love, your career and your health. I also wish you Mo Wine! in the new year.

Peace out Winos.

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